3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 1

After deciding exactly what I needed to rip out, after making of list of threads I needed for the project,after getting all the things I wanted to change actually ripped out – I didn’t start by stitching on this part of the project. I started with the roof. My reasoning? It’s the boring part and I would not want to have to go back to that at the end of the project.

I didn’t show you this piece when I introduced the project because it was already stitched by the previous owner. This is the small roof section for the clock tower. It was all stitched using the Mosaic stitch – dark green Silk Bella and off-white for the snow. Then a strand of gold Accentuate was placed across each snow Mosaic going in the opposite direction. I liked the look so I did the same with the rest of the roof for the station itself.

The shingles on the roof were stitched with dark green and brown Silk Serica, but each shingle was outlined in black Kreinik #8 braid and edged with gold Kreinik #8 braid first. The outer bottom edges were done in Kreinik as well with an Overlapping Cross Stitch. There was some gray along the edges of the snow and they were stitched with light gray Splendor and the snow was stitched with off-white Impressions. I’m glad I’ve got the boring part out of the way and next week I’ll start on the station itself. Yeah!!


2 responses to “3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 1

  1. LOL, Jan! I should buy stock in Kreinik, with all their fibers you use! This station looks like another fun project. I’m interested in how you will stitch the windows, since each one seems to have a white center with a glowing yellow “halo”.

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