Chinese Rug – Progress 17

Every day a little closer to the finish. And I never get as much done as I want to each week.

The center is now completed and I’m fairly content with it.

On the rest of the rug, I did another 3 inches of the center background, and worked on the outer border on both sides and the Wheat border on the current side. As soon as I get the basket weave around the last set of crescents on both side of the rug, I’ll turn it to the narrow end and work the rest that way. This will be done this month (along with 2 other projects I’ve been working on). Here’s the whole rug today.



6 responses to “Chinese Rug – Progress 17

  1. The navy you added to the butterflies in the center medallion makes all the difference in the world! Looks great!

  2. I love it – you are doing such beautiful work. I can’t get over how beautiful the center came out. Don’t worry that it’s not going as fast as you want it is going beautifully. Have a good week. Can’t wait to see more progress. Norma

  3. OMG-it looks just wonderful. You certainly have been very busy. While the trains are not my thing I do like the little station and the elephant is just great. Cross-stitch has been my love for about, I hesitate to say this, 35 years. But all needlework has been the greatest therapy thoughout my life, so keep stitching!!

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