Chinese Rug – Progress 18

Getting close to the bottom now and I’ve turned the canvas so I can work across the narrow end now. I’ve been working on a little of everything – last 2 flowers are started, last 2 little butterflies are outlined, the white part of the Meander border is done, and so on. This is where it stands today and you can see just how much more I need to do before it is done.

Monday I’ll finish the flowers, the small butterflies, and the Meander border. The basket weave around the motifs in the outer border is the most time consuming so I’ll alternate basket weave with other areas and get as much done this week as possible. It would be nice to finish by next Saturday, but there are still a few extra days after Saturday before the end of the month. It will be done this month! It’s been quite hot around here and I get the rug stitching out of the way by 10:30 each morning so I can be downstairs where it’s cooler the rest of the day. Have a great weekend!


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