Patchwork Rug – Row 2 Completed

It’s been a little over two years, but the second row of the large rug is completed. The stitched part now measures 48″ X 31″ and will be 4′ X 5′ when completed. Here is the square I’ve been working on for the last 4 months.

Each day that I work on the rugs, I put 4 strands of Paternayan yarn into this rug first, then turn around to work on the Chinese Rug. A friend tried to find the names of the squares for me (thank you Wendy!), but couldn’t find this one. The triangles are usually called Flying Geese, so maybe it’s a variation of that. I found a similar looking square called Road to California, but everything was done in straight lines instead of being on the diagonal. Here is all of Row 2. Update: Pat emailed to tell me this square is called Wild Goose Chase. Thank you!

The middle square is called Schoolhouse. The square on the right is a variation of Morning Star. I don’t know why the Morning Star photographs so bright. It’s really a medium Wedgewood blue. My husband will help me scroll the rug this afternoon so I can start working on Row 3 next week, starting on the right side. I still love this rug and hope to get it done by the end of 2013. That will be a real push, but it’s good to have goals.


10 responses to “Patchwork Rug – Row 2 Completed

  1. You are an inspiration…..I am having a hard time getting up the courage to try a few bullion roses and you are working on a 4X5′ rug… is beautiful .

  2. HI Jan: yes, haven’t seen this in a while. I’m glad you’re making progress. I love the clean boldness of the squares.

  3. Hi Jan,

    I do enjoy seeing the progress you’ve made on this rug!

    Day Camp is now officially done and I’m now done with all of my busy spring activities! Time to stitch! And clean the house, organize paperwork… LOL!!!

    Windy Meadow

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