Kitty Cross Stitch

Sometime in the late 70s, I bought several booklets of cat cross stitch patterns. I even bought 2 small packets of 18 count Aida. I figured I would get around to stitching some of them sometime. Well, I guess sometime has arrived. I showed you the framed Touch of Cat by Liz Morrow that I did. When we hung it in the bathroom, my husband decided she was rather lonely. So I pulled out patterns and Aida and started stitching. I knew it was small and I could get it done quickly – but I had so many projects going that it got lost for a while.

So this is my second finish for the month of June. It’s only 3″ X 4″ and I’ve loved the little design for years and glad I kept it in my stash. It was done in floss which I also had in my stash. I think she’s adorable and reminds me of Daisy, by 11 year old tabby cat who cuddles in my lap every night.

I think I need to do another one or two to keep this one and Touch of Cat company. So stay tuned for more little kitties over the next month or two.


6 responses to “Kitty Cross Stitch

  1. Too cute! I’m inspired to stitch a kitty!
    My 2 also love bags of any kind, doesn’t matter what they are made of! I have to be careful to cut the handles off before they get to them!

  2. OK, so I’m the third commenter to use “cute”! It is! My first kitty LOVED paper bags. The kitty who shares my life now prefers cardboard boxes, but lately has taken to sitting or lying on my needlework project bags. Looking forward to more kitty pieces.

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