Bargello Sampler by Liz Morrow – Finale

Did it! I finish by the end of the month, with a few hours to spare.

Here is the finished Bargello Sample.

I used only floss for the turquoise and rust colors. The green was a ribbon floss. It just goes to show that floss create be a beautiful piece and makes needlepoint affordable for lots of people. I love how this turned out! And I want to thank Liz Morrow for creating this wonderful design. When I visited her two years ago, this is one of the designs I HAD to come home with. I’m just sorry that I waited so long to do it.

Please check out Liz’s website ( to see this and other designs that you might like to stitch.


4 responses to “Bargello Sampler by Liz Morrow – Finale

  1. It’s beautiful! I love the fact that you used floss. This shows its versatility! How will you finish this?

  2. This is not your grandmother’s bargello! What a modern feel this piece has. Seeing in one piece the different ways bargello can be stitched is a treat. Congrats on another completion!

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