Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 1

With 4 projects (and the roof of this train station) completed last month, it’s time to bring out the other projects that I had started. I’ll work on the Antique Locomotive on the weekends and Elephant and Train Station during the week.

Before starting to work on this project I had some thinking and planning to do. I went over the threads that were sent along with the canvas to see what had been used and decide what I wanted to do to complete the canvas. I started with the windows. All the windows on the entire canvas had been outlined with gold Kreinik braid, the lower window sills were done, above the windows had been stitched in gray. All of this I wanted to keep just the way it was. Black silk was used to outline the window panes of this back part of the station – I’ll keep this too and will stitch them as I work across the piece. Now to the changes. The yellow in the windows shows a lighter color in the center and darker around the outer edges of the windows. Only one window was complete and it was done all in one shade of yellow, so I quickly pulled those stitches out. I also ripped out the mortar for the bricks and the bricks themselves that had been stitched. The edges of the canvas had been stitched in gold Kreinik and I continued that on the roof so everything would match. That left the arch above the windows to work with. A lady at Needle in a Haystack worked with me to find threads that would work for this piece, but we couldn’t find a match for the arches. We finally decided on a flax thread, but after doing the first arch, I decided I didn’t like it – a little too blue. So here is the piece today, showing only the back of the station.

I’ve only done one window on the top, right. I used 4 strands of light yellow for the center of the window, 2 strands of light and 2 strands of dark yellow for a few stitches around the center, and 4 strands of dark yellow for the outer stitches. The mortar between the bricks is stitched with 3 strands of a Needle Necessity overdue. The bricks were originally done all in one shade of burgundy. I decided to stitch them with two shades of burgundy since they are painted darker along the edges of the door and on the outer edges of the building. The arches above the windows on the second floor were stitched in dark green #8 perle. They’ll match the overdue that I’ll be using to stitch the trees.

I still have some decisions to make but I’m finally working on this and enjoying it.


4 responses to “Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 1

  1. I like the two tones in the window panes too. Looks like there is light glowing from the inside of the station.

  2. I love to visit train stations, specially the older train stations. It really gives me some sort of Nostalgia during the old days.*.,”,

    Kind regards

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