Antique Locomotive – Progress 2

Before I put this away early in June, I decided to stitch the white, silver, and black lines using the Giant Brick stitch I used on the Smokestack. The canvas has been sitting across from my stitching chair for a month now and last weekend I picked it up again.

The first thing I did? Ripped out all the Giant Brick stitches on the engine. Hated it!

I stitched the heavy metal piece on the front of the engine with Kreinik braid and the plaque that would normally show the engine number (it’s just lines so don’t try to figure out the numbers). Then it was time to work on the engine again. So I started again by using long, straight stitches and it looks better. It’s been hard making all these flat threads lie nicely next to each other though. And I’ve stitched most of the gold pipes that cross all over the engine as well and have a few more little patches of that to go.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the gold pipes across the engine and then finish the rest of the flat surface of the engine itself. Then I’ll work on the two gold parts on top of the engine. Next weekend I want to start working on the cabin. Here is the locomotive so far.



5 responses to “Antique Locomotive – Progress 2

  1. It really looks great, Jan! I can’t wait to see the cab and the wheels. Love those wheels. This piece has so many interesting areas. It’s fun to watch it come together. Thanks for sharing. Sue

  2. Didn’t you use Brick Stitch for the smokestack? The long stitches going horizontally on the body emphasizes the direction of the locomotive. I like the way the pipes are stitched, like molten gold flowing over the locomotive.

  3. Great dimension on the pipes! Are you planning to stitch the light blue background or just the locomotive?

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