Blue Venice by Diana Olveira

Yes, I’ve completely lost my mind and bought another very large cross stitch pattern. Introducing Blue Venice which I bought from Diana on her Etsy page.

My DH and I have always wanted to go to Venice but health issues are making that impossible at this time. So we’ll go vicariously with this beautiful design. I bought the pattern and all the floss and then paused. On 14 ct Aida it would be 35″ X 23″ and I really didn’t want to handle something quite that large. So I got out a piece of ivory Congress Cloth (24 count) and I’m going to needlepoint it instead.  It will be 21″ X 13.5″ – a more manageable size. I’ll use Basketweave and Tent stitches.

The chart is 28 pages – 6.5 pages across from side to side and 4 pages from top to bottom. But enlarging and printing the pages, I found that the last 7 pages are just 10 rows of stitches so they hardly count at all. Since I’m Basketweaving this piece, I’m starting in the top, right corner and work my way across and down. I’ll alternate this piece in the mornings with the mandala. I’ve already started, but it’s going slowly. This is my second week and I’m about 2/3 of the way down that first page that is only 40 stitches wide (the others are 75 stitches wide). Lots of blues and grays, since it’s all sky so far. I’ll post in another week or so when that first page is completed.


8 responses to “Blue Venice by Diana Olveira

  1. Well, Venice is an impressive piece. Can’t wait to see this one develop.
    Also you made me go and drool all over Anne Cram’s website. There’s about twenty dozen canvases there that I want!

  2. Oh my, Jan, you’re crazy, but crazy in a good way! This is a beautiful canvas and reminds me of the last and only time I was in Venice way back in the mid-80’s. This canvas really captures the early morning peacefulness of the city before everyone is on the streets and on the boats in the canals. What kind of floss are you using? Looking forward to the progress reports.

  3. Jan
    I read your blog and all of your stitching is beautiful. Venice is beautiful also but I have a question. How did you calculate the size of 24 count congress cloth that you needed? The piece I want to convert is 10 x 15 on 28 ct linen with stitching over 2 threads, I would like to use 24 congress cloth and am unsure how to switch the counts.

    thanks in advance


  4. I find so much inspiration on your blog and I’m heading over to Etsy right now. I wish I knew how to do that conversion to needlepoint though 🙂

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