Which would you prefer?

I’m starting to work on stitching instructions for two ore of my rugs. And I have questions for my readers.

I’ve been using StitchWiz, a Windows program, for my stitch diagrams so far. This is a complicated process since I’m on a Mac. My husband has a Mac as well and runs a virtual version of Windows so I can work on it there, take a “photo” of a stitch or motif, and then send it to my computer to use in my instructions.

Earlier this month, Barbara Bergsten had a blog post about how to do stitch diagrams using Pages – the word processors from Apple. Here’s is a link to that post http://createneedlepoint.typepad.com/create_needlepoint/2012/07/steps-to-make-a-needlepoint-stitch-diagram-in-pages.html I thanked Barbara for posting this and I’ve been playing with this new knowledge. I would like your feedback please.

There are 2 diagrams listed below – on the left is StitchWiz and on the right Pages. I know that StitchWiz looks better, but could you work from diagrams done in Pages just as easily? I could get the new instructions done much faster if I can do everything on my own computer but I don’t want to make it harder for those who want to stitch these rugs. Please comment and let me know. Thank you very much!!


13 responses to “Which would you prefer?

  1. Dear Jan, Thank you for mentioning my post. I hope it is helping people. You can make shapes with numbers in pages that would look just like the ones on the left. I’ve been playing around and learning more & more. Best of luck with your stitch diagrams!

  2. I could definitely work from the Pages chart….. I am still using graph paper 😜but I also don!t do many original designs. Good luck

  3. Hi Jan: I could work from either diagram. However, I think a more inexperienced stitcher may be more comfortable with StitchWiz, as the diagram looks like the more traditional stitch diagrams.

  4. It’s a long time since I’ve worked a charted piece of canvaswork, but I think I might find the one on the right easier – I agree the other gives more information, but I would feel that that other information is best displayed in a separate “stitch dictionary” rather than as part of the chart itself.

  5. I like the boldness of Pages, I can look down and see the pattern better because it is standing off the page (almost)………..I would be very happy with the colorway, the bold print and the uncluttered look Pages gives.
    Stitch guides that have numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters are often hard, for me, to read while attempting the stitch.

  6. I like the Pages one better. It looker “cleaner” to me. As the post from virtuosewadventures says, you can always use a stitch book to look up any particulars you need to know. Putting the name of the stitch – if it has one – somewhere in the directions would help.

  7. I like the one on the right, however, I would like a second diagram with the numbers to give order of stitching……….I know extra space/work, but….

  8. I think the one of the right (Pages) is easier to read and Barbara B says numbering can be incorporated. Should be easier eventually for both you & hubby since you’re already on MACs. Aren’t technology changes excruciating? Good luck.

  9. I can work from either diagram. I also have a mac and have been practicing with diagraming in pages since I saw Barbara’s post. I didn’t know about the windows stitch wiz program. I have used the screen name stitchwiz for years.

  10. I use StitchWiz and you can set the diagrams to not show arrows, numbers, etc. and make the stitch itself a solid color. You can also adjust the grid to be just plain lines. Ease of readability is my criteria, so between the 2 I prefer the one on the right since it’s much less cluttered.

  11. As an intermediate stitcher, I would be happy with either one. As a Mac user, go for the one on the right! LOL Actually, the one on the right seems easier to count the threads per stitch.

  12. Hi,

    As an advanced stitcher I can use either one. Though I think a beginner stitcher might do better with the numbered stitches.

    I think the question would be, who is your targeted audience? That might help with decision as to which stitch diagram to use.

    I do agree with the other posters, that as an advanced stitcher, I just need to see which stitch (pattern of stitches) you are using. Then I’m off an running (I mean stitching)!

    Windy Meadow

    • Hi Jan, I write stitch guides also. Just number the ones on the right by increasing your graph size, very easily done in pages. If pages does not allow you to number the stitches, photoshop does. I also work with a mac. I use Stitch Wiz, but am moving over to Illustrator.

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