Persian Iris Mandala by Chatelaine – Progress 15

Life has been getting in the way of stitching lately. My right hand has been bothering me again, so I’ve cut back on stitching for a few days to see if it improves. And our 4 year old orange and white cat has been diagnosed with Asthma! So I’ve been taking care of him and getting 4 pills a day inside of him. Starting tomorrow, we’re down to 1 a day and I hope things continue to improve.

I’ve had difficulty keeping the mandala rolled tightly on a scroll frame since I started it in July of last year. So I gave up and put it on stretcher bars at the end of last week. It’s a lot easier to work on now and I hope to make better progress. I’m still working on the buildings on the first corner, adding the gold metallic thread to the buildings that are done and starting the buildings on the lower part this week.

The two buildings that meet at the corner are coming together as well. I’ll get the cupola on both of them and the one just above by the next post. I’m alternating work on this piece and the Blue Venice piece. Tomorrow I’ll be back at Venice.

And since it’s on stretcher bars now, I can easily show you the whole piece as well.


8 responses to “Persian Iris Mandala by Chatelaine – Progress 15

  1. I’m in awe of your stitching. So sorry to hear about kitty. The irony is that cats give me asthma!! So does that mean that kitty got asthma from……

  2. Hi Jan: I’m happy to see the mandala update. It’s so beautiful and intricate. How do you pill your cat? I always pay extra to have my kitty’s medication compounded to an easier “format”. She does not take to pilling very well…

  3. It’s looking spectacular – so intricate! Given how difficult it is to give cats pills I’m surprised you’re making progress at all – well done!

  4. Sorry to hear about the hand acting up again. I hope a little rest will help it feel better. The detail on the mandala is great. I’m getting inspired . . . must . . . stay . . . focused!

  5. YIKES! giving a cat pills requires great skill and courage. Kudos to you for getting them in him. I hope you and kitty are feeling better soon.

    Love the colors of the mandala — this one is so pretty.

  6. Oh !! you are making very beautiful progresses on this gorgeous pattern and as you just tempted me a lot, I just bought the pattern to Cindy : Yay !!!
    I wish you a nice Summer,

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