Blue Venice – Progress 1

I know it isn’t much, but the first page of Blue Venice is complete. (This is actually Page 7, since I’m starting in the top, right corner because I’m needlepointing it instead of cross stitching.) It now measures just over 1.5″ X 4.5″.  It’s going to be 21″ X 13.5″ when it’s done.

This pattern doesn’t have the two rows of overlap done in gray so you can match up the pages. So I have to have several pages out to work from at a time. When I’m working on a small section of a color, I check to see if it flows on to the next page, so I can do all of them at the same time. That’s why you see a few stitches sticking out along the left edge and at the bottom. And I was thrilled to get to the bottom of this page and get to start the first chimney! Today I also worked on part of the sky on Page 6. There is a very large section of blue sky at the top to help cheer up the colors some. There are 9 shades of blue and gray in the sky so far.

I’ll put this away for the rest of the week so I can work on the mandala for a few days. Next week, I’ll continue to work on the sky for a couple of days and then move to the bottom and continue stitching on Page 14, right below the completed section. The first building should slowly appear on that page.


3 responses to “Blue Venice – Progress 1

  1. Hi Jan, I can imagine how large and complicated the chart must be. I’ve gotten to rely on the nylon grid lines I can stitch onto my fabric with Easy Grid. However, I recently purchased a reel of nylon fishing line of almost the same thickness as Easy Grid….a much less expensive alternative. How do you keep track of your stitches?

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