Night in the Moroccan Desert – Sketches

I’ve been playing with this on and off for over a month. I did a quick sketch and got out the colored pencils to fill in some color.

The tent isn’t the right size or shape, but it gives you an idea of what is to come. There is a large rug across the sand in front of the tent and this will be on the main 18 ct. canvas. The details inside the tent will be done on 24 ct. Congress Cloth and I want to start working on the computer to get that piece designed first.

Then it was time to figure out the exact size of the project. I can’t design the interior until I know how big that area will be. I taped together several sheets of legal size printer paper and did some sketching and then got out the ruler and started measuring off the size of the tent (about 10.5″ wide). I cut out a curved top for the tent that will be stitched on separately and taped it where it should go. The top and bottom are close to what I need, but I need to work on the sides some more. Remember that the tent top will stick out from the canvas to add more of a 3-D effect (if all goes well).

The design should be about 12″ X 18″ on Sandstone 18 ct. canvas. The rug along the front is 5.5″ X 2″ and will be stitched with wool. The interior on Congress Cloth will be 5.5″ X 4.5″. I’ve added a palm tree on the right side but I’m not sure about that yet. I have most of the threads for this project and they are ready to go. Time to take the first tentative steps…

Let’s see if this ends up looking anything like the sketch by the time it is finished. I want to design and stitch the interior first and there are challenges for that – mainly getting the perspective right so it looks like it has real depth. Rugs that are a little bigger at the front and get smaller toward the back, for example. Let’s see what develops.


4 responses to “Night in the Moroccan Desert – Sketches

  1. Have you done this type of dimensionality for one of your designs before? Looking forward to more of your process for Night in the Moroccan Desert.

  2. Wow Jan, good luck with this. A very ambitious project. Yeah, the perspective will be an issue! Can’t wait to see how you work everything out.

  3. I’m really looking forward to seeing this one develop. It probably won’t look much like your first thoughts, but that’s because you’ll refine them as you go..

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