3-D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 4

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I’ve been stitching a little on my projects each day, but most of my time has been taken over with the design of the  new rug. I’m about 80% there now. Next month – after I finish at least two of the projects I’ve been working on.

I started on one of the narrow sides of the station and only have the top half of it finished.

I’m using the same threads and stitches as the first side. I’m now in the middle. The garland and bows are surrounded by black and I’m going to stitch that in dark brown instead. The garland and bows will be done at the end of the project along with the trees – the garland will use the same threads and beads as the trees and I don’t want to do beads until the end. The bows will be more 3-dimensional so they will be last.

Here is a photo of the whole side I’m currently working on. On the right is the back part of the station that is completed and the left is the front of the station that will be stitched next. I also need to stitch the black and gold sections that form the corners that will be folded to make this piece 3-dimensional. The black is silk and Kreinik braid will be used for the gold.


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