Elephant Finale

After my last Elephant post, I finished the background around his legs and outlined the legs.

Then I moved to the right and stitched the last motif for this piece.

So I have finally finished my first cross stitch piece. It took 11 months (but you know I’ve been working on a lot of others things at the same time.) It’s 14″ X 14″ on 14 count Aida – a kit from Anchor. I need to improve on top stitching but I’m pleased with this piece. And my husband loves it!


I took the photo right after I took it off the scroll bars so it isn’t the best photo – but I had to share as soon as it was done. (I’ve now lightened it a little so  all the motifs are more visible.) I’ll be sure to post again when we have it framed.

Now on to the antique locomotive and the train station. I’m waiting for the threads for the new rug (which is ready to go) so I want to make as much progress as I can on the other projects before the threads arrive.


11 responses to “Elephant Finale

  1. WOW… It looks great. I have a cross stitch piece I plan on doing in 2013. It is a box of chocolates. It does take a lot of time. My current piece AmZing Color wii take awhile to finish. Congratulations on your finish.

  2. Hip hip hurray! Elephant is done! I love the rustic look of that last motif, sunset over the savanna with the boabab tree and elephant. I like how the sticks are lashed together to form the frame.

  3. Wow Jan, your stitching is awesome : so real: I love it a lot !!
    You really make a great work on ti : you deserve so many congratulations 🙂
    Have a great day,

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