Introducing the Baluchi Rug

Like last October, I’m experiencing mobility problems. So the larger projects in the needlepoint room are out for now – no Blue Venice, mandala, or Patchwork Rug for a while. So I’ve put together some smaller projects that I will be showing you over the next few weeks as I get them started.

One project is the new rug which will be on 18 count canvas and a little smaller than I normally stitch (so I can handle it downstairs). Here is the inspiration for the new rug – a Baluchi rug from East Iran/West Afghanistan. The original rug was about 4 feet X 6 feel, I believe. It’s no longer online so I can’t check the details. Many collectors haven’t paid a lot of attention to Baluchi rugs because they don’t have the more traditional Red Madder background. Baluchi rugs tend to be browns and other earthy colors.

I’ll be stitching two versions of this rug. I’ll do it in miniature on 40 count silk gauze and use colors very similar to the original above. But I’ll start with the version on 18 count and I’ve changed a few colors. Instead of the rust colors, I’ll be using burgundies. Instead of olive greens, I’ll be using pine greens. But first I needed to work on the design and do some practicestitching. So here’s the first practice, using Vineyard silk in whatever colors I had on hand.




I tried some of the borders – stitched two different ways. Across the bottom I stitched the patterns in Basketweave. Going up I stitched the patterns using special stitches and long stitches. I’ve done that with success on most of my rugs but I hated it this time. So I may do the whole rug in Basketweave. I also had trouble with the design itself. I didn’t really like anything other than the Gobelin borders which are stitched in black and white on this practice piece. So it was back to the drawing board. Later this week I’ll show you the second practice stitching I did. Things do improve.


4 responses to “Introducing the Baluchi Rug

  1. Dear Janice, your new project is very beautiful and I understand why you prefer for the moment smaller projects : I love the colors you chose for this one .
    May I tell you that I love both stitches you try : the basket weave and the long stitches looks both very nice 🙂
    I wish you a great and quiet week,

  2. Hi Jan: for the blue/yellow border, I prefer the basketweave, but I like the special/long stitches in the inner border. Your choice of colors seems to contemporize this rug, I love the original colors, as well as your updated choices.

  3. It’s always worth experimenting before starting on a major project. I rather like some of your variants, but then you are the one who has to stitch it!

    • I have a question for you. You are always stitching these beautiful rugs. Do you use them in your house. Do you have a pattern or do you use a rug as a pattern. I am loving this Baluchi Rug. Sorry for all the questions but when you do a rug I am never sure what you will be doing with it or if there is a pattern for it.

      Rebecca in IA

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