Baluchi Rug – Practice 2

I ordered one skein of each color that I wanted to use in this rug and started again. I already know I’m going to have to change a couple of them.

I started by going back to the design software and changing some of the border elements. I didn’t like the first of the larger borders and completely redesigned it. Here is what is looks like right now:

Right away, I noticed a mistake in this version too. Across the bottom I have the zigzag running up against the dark border and two rows of the medium brown above the zigzag. Now, why did I do that? No idea. So when I started working up the left side, I changed it to one row of medium brown above and one row below the zigzag and that looks much better. I like the larger border now as well, but the colors need to change. The line that goes from the corner up to the next border (and around the bottom of the diamond) is a dark burgundy and I think it’s just too dark. Another color to change will be the dark gold. It’s too brassy. I need three shades of gold, so I’ll have to see what I can find for that. The little Sprat’s Heads don’t look good either, so I’ll probably do everything in Basketweave.

Then on to the last of the borders. I didn’t like the first version because the design just didn’t stand out enough when I stitched it with just one stitch all the way around. This time I did two stitches as I worked the design and it looks much better. Here’s the last of the borders.

So the final decisions on colors needs to be made now. I think the two medium browns for borders are too similar and I’d like to change one of them if I can find a good substitute. I don’t have a LNS nearby anymore. So I drove over an hour to Needle in a Haystack in Alameda, CA. Here I could actually see all the colors and mix and match to find the colors I needed. And I also wanted to find about 5 other colors that I can use sparingly in the triangles and squares that surround the center designs. I came home with about half the colors I needed. I wanted to make sure all the skeins for the browns and golds were from the same dye lot of Vineyard Silk, so I ordered then through the store. I have all the Trio from Brown Paper Packages I need. I’m using that for the burgundy and green. When the rest of the colors arrive, I will start immediately on this rug. I have finished the entire chart of the rug and it’s printed out and waiting………..


6 responses to “Baluchi Rug – Practice 2

  1. I like the changes you’ve made–I think they’re more in keeping with the original rug design. The long stitches on the first version just didn’t seem to work–I think basketweave may well be your best bet.

  2. Jan, So happy to see this new rug. I happen to like the Sprat’s heads gives some dimension to the work. Sorry to hear that your LNS is no longer there. I have been known to drive at least 2 hours to find a shop. Now things are a bit closer about 45 minutes and I can visit my daughter also.
    Good luck!!

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