Baluchi Rug – Colors X2

Time to show you the color palette for the Baluchi Rug. For the version being stitched on 18 ct, I’m using several different threads. I decided I wanted colors that would go with the downstairs of our home, so a few changes from the original rug were in order. (I showed the inspiration in my Oct. 7th post.) I kept the browns and golds, but for the other two main colors, I wanted burgundy and pine green. Here are the colors for 18 ct.

I told you in my last Baluchi Rug post, that the two lighter browns of Vineyard Silk I selected were too close together in color so I changed them. Starting at the top, we have Vineyard Silk Dark Earth and Monk’s Robe and two shades of Impressions for the lighter brown. Okay, they are also too close in color when stitched. So I changed the darker shade for Vineyard Silk Cashmere and will keep the lighter Impressions. The greens are Trio from Brown Paper Packages – Boxwood, Ivy, Eucalyptus, and Willow. The burgundies are also Trio – Merlot, Burgundy and Cabernet. The golds are Vineyard Silk – Honey, Pale Banana, and Lemon Drop. On the right side are other colors that will be used sparingly in the triangles and rectangles around the large “flowers” in the center of the rug – Vineyard Silk – Burnt Ginger, Coral Cloud, Polo Blue, Sangria, Berry. For Trio – leftovers from my High Atlas Rug – Dijon, Peanut Butter, Capppuccino.

For the version that will be stitched on 40 ct silk gauze, the colors will be closer to the original rug using rust and olive for the center “flowers.” These are all Needlepoint Inc. Silk. I won’t start this version of the rug until January. I want to make sure the chart is correct before I start that one. There is one overdye toward the bottom that I might use – not sure yet. Below that are the extra colors that will be used sparingly around the center design.

Okay – let the fun begin!!


4 responses to “Baluchi Rug – Colors X2

  1. All these colors are just gorgeous, Jan :))

    I didn’t know these Vineyard silk : could you tell me a little more about these silk flosses ?? Are they good to stitch on 32 count linen ???

    I wish you a wonderful day and be sure I send you all my best thoughts before your operation.


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