A Quick Update

The hip replacement surgery went well on November 1st. I came home just two days later. The first week was hard but things are moving along well now. The Physical Therapist had me climb the stairs to the second floor last Sunday – 3 days after surgery! Two days later the PT had me walking down the stairs to spend my days in the living room. Then I go upstairs in the evening to stay in my “recovery room” for the night. My DH has been a real doll helping me out when I need it and supporting me every day to keep at it.

The posts that were up last week were stitched before the surgery. I have finally, after a full week, started picking up my stitching again. I’ll have a post soon on the Pet Shop progress I’ve made. And I just started working on the new rug a little as well.

Things will improve each week and I’ll be back to “normal” soon. Thank you for the patience while I recover from this procedure that will definitely make my life so much easier.


9 responses to “A Quick Update

  1. I hope you’re feeling better day by day. My assistant had 2 hip replacements and is doing marvelously. She said she cannot believe she ever lived with such pain before the surgery. Keep on stitching and keep your thoughts positive and good luck with everything! Norma

  2. My husband has been through five hip replacements. Do the PT religiously! In about six months you’ll be back to normal although you’ll always have to be a bit careful crossing your legs, driving low slung sports cars that put your knees above your hips, etc. I am glad you had the operation. Beloved never regretted it, even at a young enough age that he’s had to have the originals replaced.

  3. I am happy to hear that everything went well. I have missed your blog in keeping us up to date on what you are doing. I miss the progress on The Locomotive by Anne Cram and your piece on Venice. Keep up the good work and you will be better than new with the “bionic” parts!

    Roberta Douglass

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  4. Hi Jan: I’m glad you feel well enough to begin stitching again. Stitching will go a long way with keeping you happy and busy as you recuperate. We’ll plan a get-together when you feel up to it.

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