Baluchi Rug – Progress 4

I’ve been moving around all over this canvas for the last week. A few days ago, I decided to start the next set of borders – 3 small borders that are mostly Basketwave. I first stitch the off-white dots in Vineyard Beach. Then I could quickly fill in the Vineyard Dark Earth in Basketweave – this border moves along nicely. Then I started the next border – 5 rows of Basketweave in Impressions. When that was done, I could quickly add the slanted lines over 3 threads using Vineyard Monk’s Robe.

I definitely need to finish stitching the other borders on this left side. I’ll continue to add these Basketweave borders across the bottom and up the right side. I also have a little to finish on the other borders going up the right side.

By the next post, I hope to have the last border well in hand. Things are beginning to come together.


4 responses to “Baluchi Rug – Progress 4

  1. How very productive you’ve been! You must be cheating an hour a day!! Looks great like always.
    Hope you had a great Turkey day.

  2. I’m assuming the first photo is more true to the colors you are using? Very nice. Can hardly wait until you begin the center motifs.

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