Baluchi Rug – Progress 5

I’ve been working to complete about 5″ of the outer borders on the right side and moving the three beige and brown borders across the bottom and up the side. Things were going well until I ran into a problem on Saturday.


I got the beige border stitched over to the corner and started up the right side. Then I went back to topstitch the slanted lines and came up one stitch short. I’m now worried that the whole design might be off and I’m not sure what to do. I’ve counted it all out about 5 times now and can’t find an error. So I decided that I needed to stitch the next large border across the bottom of the rug to see if it would fit properly. I’ve started stitching the scroll work in pale gold (Vineyard Lemon Drop) from the left and will stitch until I reach the center. Then I’ll stitch the scroll work from the right side until I reach the center and see if it works out the way it is set up on the design chart. Cross your fingers!

Update: 8:30 am – the scroll work across the bottom is done and came out perfect! Now to get all those borders done this week!


This is how the whole design looks as of this morning. If the scroll work fits properly, the next time you see this rug, all the borders will be done and I’ll be able to start the center of the rug.


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