Raymond Crawford Christmas Engine – Progress 2

This has been my upstairs project since surgery, but after the first week I was spending most of my time downstairs and this only got worked on for about an hour each week. So I brought it downstairs this week and spent some time getting more areas filled in.

I wanted to finish the cab, but I hadn’t decided how I wanted to stitch the wreath, so I moved to the smokestack instead. Most of that is now finished – just the light to go. Again I’ve used all shiny threads: Neon Rays, Neon Rays+, Ultra Sparkles, Snow.


Then I decided to finish up the cab. Green Neon Rays+ was used to finish the outer edges and Neon Rays to do the beige background. The large red bulbs on the wreath were done in Rhodes stitches using red Snow and a darker red Ultra Sparkles. Then I pulled two green shades of Wild Flowers and did the wreath in French Knots. Two strands of Wild Flowers wrapped around the needle twice in the darker shade and spaces filled in with the lighter green, some wrapped twice around the needle and some wrapped just once. The bow was stitched in red Flair. I think the wreath looks pretty good.


I need to finish the smokestack light and then move on to the engine itself. I still haven’t decided how to stitch the wheels since I don’t like the stitches recommended in the stitch guide. I’m going to have to figure that out soon! Here is how the Engine looks so far.



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