Introducing Gossamer Fractal

Cross stitching a fractal involves many, many colors and very slow progress. I started this piece 3 weeks ago and work on it 3-4 hours a week. The original art for this was done by Vicky Brago-Mitchel and the conversion to cross stitch was done by Nomad Designs. Here is a photo of how it will look when it is done:


I’ve used about 14 colors so far – gray, beige, brown, gray-brown, purples. I started at the top, left corner and I’ve been stitching one color at a time in a slanted line according to the pattern. Even though there’s about 12 hours of work, you can see that I haven’t gotten very far yet. The piece will be 11″ X 8″ when done on 18 ct Aida.


I’ll show you my progress about once a month. In that length of time maybe I can make some decent, visible progress.


5 responses to “Introducing Gossamer Fractal

  1. Wow, Jan. This will be a chart-reading challenge! I’m using many of the colors in Audrey, except the browns. You must be great at counting. I am so reliant on the lines I stitch in with fishing line!

  2. Dear Jan, I just would like to know where you have purchased your fractal I like it ! ! !
    I hope that you will receive my message, I like very much what you do, I enjoy all what i saw on your blog.

    I wish you a very nice day …. ANNIE

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