Baluchi Rug – Progress 7

Thursday and Friday I started work on the center section of the rug. I ran into another problem – that infamous 1 stitch off again. Friday I ripped out part of what I had stitched and tried moving things one stitch to the left. Wrong again! I was on the verge of giving up on this rug and put it away.

Saturday I decided not to stitch any more of the rug until I sat with the pattern and tried to figure out what was wrong. Again I almost quit. Then I found an error in the chart I had created and grabbed the canvas again and looked to see if correcting that error would solve the problem. I thought it would work, but had to rip almost everything I had done for two days so I could start again to verify I had solved the problem. Here is the section that I had been working on – actually it was just the brown across the bottom and the brown section that looks like a cross along with the lightest gold surrounding it.


Correcting the error from the chart seemed to solve everything. So I decided to outline the first sections just to the left and right of the center section. They fit perfectly! Okay!! Now I can continue with the rest of the center sections. This is how the rug looks when I stopped stitching Monday night.


I will continue to outline areas and start to add other colors to fill in the areas. I hope by this time next week that I will have to scroll the canvas so I can continue to work. Finally, I know the pattern will work out and I will happily work on the rug a little every evening. Good progress should be made now.


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