Raymond Crawford Christmas Engine – Progress 3

The engine part of this is complete, except for the beads. The list of supplies just says 5 black beads and 5 gold beads but doesn’t say what size. The seed beads I have on hand are no way near big enough. So I may have to try driving next week and go to Michael’s to see if I can find some to use.

As usual, I’ve been changing some of the stitches as I work my way down the engine. Below the gold metallic rays at the top, I was supposed to do long Gobelin stitches but they look terrible to me. So I did alternating Gobelin and it looks better to me. I also changed the stitch used for the dark red metallic in the middle. I decided to use Overlapping Horizontal Cross stitches with a row of Tent stitches in the middle. The light on the front of the smokestack is stitched with white Flair with a gold thread running through it. After I get the background around it, I may have to rip out those stitches and try a different color. (I didn’t have the right color specified by the stitch guide.) I have bright yellow Water ‘n Ice but that would be too bright. We’ll see…


The stitch guide for this piece says to use a light blue Kreinik for the background, but I thought the piece already had enough glitz and shine to it. So I decided to use #5 perle cotton instead. I like the look of it. It’s stitched using Skip Tent that moves along nicely, though I do’t think I have enough on hand to do all three pieces of this train. I do have time to order more.

The next time I show this piece it will be all done and ready to be finished as a stand-up. I hope to have all 3 done by summer so I can get them finished for next Christmas.


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