Raymond Crawford Christmas Engine – Progress 4

The little engine is done, except for the beads. I actually drove for the first time last week and went to Michael’s to buy beads. Seed beads are too small and I hoped I would find something I could use. Well, Michael’s has changed the bead section and they don’t carry Mill Hill Beads anymore and not much of what they carry is good for needlepoint. I bought some black and some gold beads but thought they would be too big – and they are. So I read online about bead sizes and how many of each bead size it takes for one inch. I them crossed my fingers and ordered some online and they will be here in a few days. I hope they are the correct size. I’ll post again once the beads are attached.

So here is the engine with all the stitching done. I was supposed to start with the wheels according to the stitch guide, but I didn’t want to use the Chain stitch that was suggested. I finally decided to use a Gobelin type stitch, sometimes using the same hole on the inside edge of the wheel twice to make it move around the circle better. I did the cow catcher last, couching down the Kreinik braid with one strand of floss. This was suggested in the stitch guide and I think that really turned out well. I still think the perle cotton for the background is perfect. It makes the whole engine really stand out so much better than having a shiny Kreinik braid background.


Before I start working on the Gift Car of this little Christmas train, I’m going to get out the 3D Train Station again. I want to get the front of the train station done before I start the Gift Car. So I’ll alternate the two projects – the Train Station and the Gift Car and the Caboose. I’m happy to be starting on one of my larger projects that I was working on before my surgery. And it’s wonderful to have my first project of 2013 completed as well.



7 responses to “Raymond Crawford Christmas Engine – Progress 4

  1. This is very cute, Jan. The proportions, being almost as high as it is long (as opposed to being longer than higher), make the engine seem jaunty and whimsical. Nice job with stitch selections.

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