Baluchi Rug – Progress 11

I work on borders every week, but also spent time this past week working on the center gold motif. The flower is finished and I’ve outlined the last part of the large motif so I can get it filled in this coming week.


The piece has been scrolled so you don’t see all the borders along the top edge, but it now measures 6.5″ of completed stitching. There’s also the outlined area and some borders done that are not included in that 6.5″

This coming week, I’ll finish the large gold area at the bottom of the photo, work on a lot more borders, and start filling in around the gold motif with more of the little, colorful patches. Let’s see how much of that I can get done before I post again.



5 responses to “Baluchi Rug – Progress 11

  1. I love the little square in the corner that looks like 4 acorns with their caps pointed inwards. You certainly work fast. Do you use the technique where one hand is on top and the other is on the bottom, so you stitch with both hands?

  2. Coming along nicely, Jan. Stitched in burgundy, the center motif has a Navajo look to it. Maybe you should do an adaptation of a Navajo rug next?

  3. Jan,
    I so enjoy watching the progress of your projects. This rug is stunning. Thanks for taking us on this journey.
    Much good wishes going your way.

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