3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 6

Before I put away the large projects in October, I had finished the second side of this piece and moved the canvas over so I could stitch the front of the station. That’s where I started this past week. I’ve done a little of the sign over the front door. And I stitched ALL the bricks and mortar this week. So it’s looking fairly good right now.


Now I’m torn. Should I continue on this or start the next car of Raymond Crawford’s Christmas Train? I think I should stay with this a little longer and get the windows done. If I’m still in the mood, I’ll do the clock too. Then I can start the Gift Car of the train. I’ll alternate back and forth with these two projects so I can get them all done soon.

This canvas evidently got damp at some point before I got it. There’s a stain on the left side of the canvas, but the design itself is just fine. But you can see that the canvas will need to be blocked when I’m done. The top half of this side tilts a little to the left.


4 responses to “3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 6

  1. I vote for the train station! Trying to figure out how the bricks on either side of the clock will fold in the finishing–is there another section of this on another canvas?

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