Final Update and Patchwork Rug

Before my surgery on Nov. 1, I put away all the large projects I was working on and moved to smaller projects that would be easier to handle. I was no longer able to comfortably go upstairs to work in my needlepoint room.

Friday, it will be 3 months since surgery and I’m happy to report things are wonderful and I only use my cane when I’m walking around the neighborhood or running errands. And then it’s only for safety and security. I can easily get around without it.

So today is the final step to “normalcy” for me. Starting today, I’m working in the needlepoint room each morning for an hour and a half! Since I don’t have a large rug of my own design going right now, the smaller frame is available for other projects. Yesterday I decided I was tired of the Train Station being rolled up on both sides so it would be easier to work on downstairs. So I put it on 28″ stretcher bars – it’s a little longer than 28″ but I don’t have any stretcher bars that are the correct size. Working on it each morning, I hope to have it done in February.


For the last couple of weeks, I’ve also been going up to the needlepoint room and putting 6 strands of Paternayan yarn into the Patchwork Rug. I had just barely started the Heart square before I had to put it aside. So I’m already making progress on that. Below is where I am after this morning’s stitching session and I hope to scroll the canvas next week so I can stitch the bottom half of the square. I want that square done in February too.

Patch -8A

It’s wonderful to be able to walk around without pain and return to my normal stitching routine. I’m a very happy girl!


7 responses to “Final Update and Patchwork Rug

  1. So glad you are feeling better. Yeah! The train is wonderful….. Thank you for posting pictures as you’ve been working. And good luck on everything. Norma.

  2. We’re very glad you’re back in business, Jan! Lots of good things here to look forward to seeing you stitch–and finish!

  3. I’m so happy for you, Jan! What a wonderful recovery and now you’re back in the stitching room! I’m also feeling better that I rediscovered by crafting mojo. Just knitting for now, but hope to pick up a stitching needle soon.

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