Baluchi Rug – Progress 13

I’ve done a little work on the borders but most of my time was filling in the little patches of color around the main gold motif. The piece is 12″ wide and just over 8″ long now. Since the total length is 22″, I’m just over one third done.


I’ll spend a few more days on borders and then start the middle section of the rug on Monday. I also had to scroll the rug again to open up more of the rug for stitching. I also need to update the chart again with the color changes I’ve made over the past week. These changes are for the little patches not the main parts of the rug.


6 responses to “Baluchi Rug – Progress 13

  1. Jan,
    Great to hear that you are becoming more mobile, such a relief, I’m sure. This latest rug is just gorgeous. You could just border it now and it would look fabulous. Now I can wait to see what the middle will looks like. So much going on in this latest installment.

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