Pet Shop by Elli Jenks – Progress 7

Work on this piece has slowed down some lately. I’m on Page 2 of the instructions and almost all of the page is the roof. I’m working on the shingles for the front of the shop right now and then it continues on to the roof for the back of the shop and then the actual back side of the shop. That’s all one piece of fabric. Then I’ll be able to do the two sides of the shop separately.

I decided that I could make it a little easier for myself by outlining all the shingles first with the darkest color. Then I put in the bodies for the three birds on the rooftop.


When I had all nine rows outlined, I started filling in the two lighter colors of terra cotta on the shingles. After I got about four rows of the shingles done, then I started the dark brown backstitching. I’ll be at this for a while. Here is the front of the pet shop as it looks today. It’s 6″ tall.


I’ll finish this side of the roof, do the two rows of stitching for the top roof line, and then start down the back side of the shop. I won’t post this again until I have the all of the roof done. So don’t expect to see this one for about a month.


3 responses to “Pet Shop by Elli Jenks – Progress 7

  1. The birds on the roof help break up all that red shingle. Is the pet shop constructed like a box with all sides, including the bottom, or is it open on the bottom?

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