Gossamer Fractal – Progress 3

It’s taken quite a bit of work, but I’ve finished the first page of this design. I enlarged the pages so they are easier to work with, so each page is actually a half page. There are 12 of these half pages, so only 11 more to go. LOL

You’ll see that a few stitches are missing along the bottom edge. This was done on purpose. I saw no reason to thread up and stitch ONE stitch when I would need to do quite a few more of the same color on the next page. They’ll get stitched when I move down to the next page in a couple of days. There are also two places where I did extra stitches from the next page because there were only a few more stitches to finish the color on the next page.


I’ll work on the page below this one next. This first page was 50 rows of stitching. The next page is 40 rows. Maybe it won’t take quite so long.


4 responses to “Gossamer Fractal – Progress 3

  1. The design looks excellent so far, I love the color changes (as frustrating as they can be to switch back and forth) it looks almost three dimensional. I can’t wait to see your progress continued!

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