Baluchi Rug – Progress 15

One of the challenges of designing my rugs is the borders. They are an essential part of the design and add a lot of personality. The borders have to have neat and tidy corners, which I really have to work at sometimes, and then there are the centers. What is the size of the design doesn’t lend itself to continuing the border and coming out nicely when you get to the corner? That’s why I always mark the center of the design so I can figure out how to alter things in the middle of the rug to make sure the corners come out right. Here’s the center of the side of Baluchi. See how I repeated the design element on both the scroll border and the gold/green border, right at the center line? Now I know the bottom half will exactly match the top half. And I think it looks great. (I was very pleased that both borders matched exactly at the middle too!)


As you can see in the photo below, I worked mostly on the borders this past week. There’s still a little to do, especially on the right side, to get all the borders to the middle of the rug. But most of my time this coming week will be on the center. I have patches to fill in and I want to get to work on that second flower as well. I certainly hope I can get a little more stitching time this week so I can get a LOT done on this.


At the halfway mark I also take time out to see how much thread I’ve used in each color. I always guess-timate how much thread it will take and this is my reality check. I’m going to Needle in a Haystack in two weeks and can purchase more thread if I need it (and I hope I don’t because of dye lots).


5 responses to “Baluchi Rug – Progress 15

  1. I forgot if you’ve posted about this before, but how do you finish your rugs? Do you finish them yourself? Do you turn down the edges to sew onto a fabric backing? Or do you frame them? Does the finishing depend on the size?

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