Patchwork Rug – Square 8

I find it hard to believe that I actually got this square completed in a month. I wasn’t even half done the end of January!!

When I adopted this rug and started to work on it, I felt quite overwhelmed but excited. Anne told me to think of it as a set of pillows – each square a pillow that needed to be stitched. This little piece of advice has really helped over the past 3 years. (I had hoped to have it done completely this month, but medical difficulties prevented stitching on it for several months at a time.) The squares are 12″ on a side and then have a 1″ border of dark blue with pale gold cornerstones, making the “pillow” 14″ square. Of course this doesn’t include the 4.5″ border around the whole rug, which probably adds about another 4 pillows. So I have now stitched 8 pillows and have 4 more to go. And over half of the outside border has also been stitched of course.


I know I won’t be able to complete the other squares in 2 months each, since they will all have that outside border to stitch. But I start each morning stitching 6 strands of Paternayan yarn before I stitch anything else – 6 days a week. You can see how much I got done this month, so I’m hopeful that things will move along nicely from now on. I’d love to get this done this year and reclaim the space that is currently occupied by the 5′ rug frame. I’m cautiously optimistic…  Onward!


6 responses to “Patchwork Rug – Square 8

  1. Most people don’t realize how much they can accomplish if they just stitch 2 strands or 10 minutes on a project every day. This square looks great and I can’t wait to see the finish.

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