Pet Shop by Elli Jenks – Progress 8

I said not to look for this for a month while I worked on the rooftops. That was February 4th. So a month and one day later, here is the roof all done. This is the roof for the front of the shop which is already stitched and for the back which I will stitch next.


There are two vents on the roof on this side and there is a cat sitting on the bottom edge. I can’t backstitch the tail until I get some of the back side of the shop stitched. I’m looking forward to stitching something different now.

You might like to check out Elli’s shop on Etsy.   She’s got a new 3-D fire engine.


6 responses to “Pet Shop by Elli Jenks – Progress 8

  1. Ooh I have a couple of £D cross stitch kits but I haven’t tried them yet…I can see the roof being slightly tedious though! It is definitely worth it though, it will look amazing when it is done 🙂

  2. The details will make the finished piece spectacular. Do you plan to stitch any of the other buildings that comprise the village?

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