3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 9

I’ve completed enough of the last side of the train station to do a post finally. This side is almost done.


You can also see from just this one side exactly what is left to do on the entire canvas. I have a little black and gold to do along the edges of this side and then that will be all done. This door is very plain compared to the other doors, so I wanted to come up with a stitch to add a little personality to it. I have that decided now and will do it tomorrow.

That leaves all the greenery and bows. There are 8 garlands with gold bows to stitch, 3 wreaths with red bows, and 4 trees. When everything is stitched, I’ll add the red and gold beads to finish it all off. I’ll to be back next weekend with it all done (I hope).


5 responses to “3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Progress 9

  1. I love the overdyed green! Ot is subtle, yet it really sets everything off. Great artistry and stitching!

  2. The thread for the mortar is just right to show off the realism of “clean” vs. “dusty” mortar. I still love the combination of threads for the window panes….such a glow.

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