Baluchi Rug – Halfway

Last night I finally reached the halfway mark on this rug. It now measures 13″ wide and 11″ long, so the final size will be 13 X 22. The halfway mark runs right through the middle of the green flower. The borders have the double motif in the middle, which I showed in an earlier post.


I’m hoping I can move along a little faster for the second half. I started the rug just before my surgery and then really slowed down for about a month. About 4 months of actual stitching so far – an hour or so a day. I never keep track of how much time I spend on my rugs, usually just the number of weeks. This one is taking a long time compared to the other 7 rugs I’ve completed. I usually take 3-4 months for the whole rug.


9 responses to “Baluchi Rug – Halfway

  1. It looks absolutely stunning. I remember when you first started this one and you’ve made such tremendous progress.

  2. It may have taken longer than you’d like to reach the halfway mark, but consider all the detail and color changes in this design. Keep at it!

  3. Who cares how long it takes when the result is so gorgeous. This is turining out to be my favorite of your rugs……so far.

  4. Hi Jan,
    Its been a while but I can do understand why this rug has taken so long, all the detail. It is really quite wonderful. And to think that the borders worked out is truly amazing. Come on–only an hour or two a day. Keep it up all your projects are quite fun to watch.

  5. Hi Jan: thanks for showing me the rug in person. The photo just does not do the colors justice. It is so rich-looking. Another successful design!

  6. Hello Jan,
    As a Baluch woman I want to thank you for this gorgeous souvenir of my culture. I salute you for the absolutely beautiful work you’ve done!
    Eri Baluch

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