3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Almost Done

Didn’t quite finish, but I have lots to show you. Here is the front of the station completely done.


The garlands were stitched with Needle Necessities floss using the Fern Stitch and then I went back and added a few longer stitches so it didn’t look so neat. The wreaths were stitched with the same thread using French Knots. All the bows were stitched with Frosty Rays.

Here’s the last side of the station, showing that one tree has been stitched in a small Leaf stitch using a Florimell overdyed silk from Gloriana. I need to add the beads tomorrow. The door is stitched in Beaty stitch to give the impression of a heavy wood door.


I have two of the four trees stitched now, but need to move the canvas over to complete the other two. The pots that hold the trees are stitched in the same Splendor colors used for the bricks. So I’ll add beads to the two I have done tomorrow morning, move the canvas, and hopefully get the other two trees done as well. I’ll post again when it’s all completed.


3 responses to “3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Almost Done

  1. This is looking great! The garlands & wreaths are perfect and I just love the way the bows turned out! Great job with the overdyes too.

  2. Hi Jan: I, too, love the look of the bows and wreaths, as well as the potted tree. Very effective stitch to create the realism of the look. I like that you went back to add some longer stitches to the wreaths to make them look like real boughs.

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