3D Train Station by Rebecca Wood – Finale

I don’t have a lot of stitching time this week, so I decided yesterday afternoon to skip stitching on my other projects until this train station was completed. In order to stitch the last two trees, I would have to take the canvas off the stretcher bars and move it over. So I put together a smaller set of stretcher bars and tacked on the first side I stitched and then rolled up the rest of the canvas and took the one thread I needed and the beads and headed downstairs. I finished the canvas about 9 last night. So here is the canvas all finished, including all the beads on the trees.

Station Finale

The only disappointment I have about this canvas is the beads. I should have used smaller beads but don’t have the time to take them all off and order new ones. I have a hard time ordering beads online when I can’t see them and don’t know if the size and colors are right. The other problem was the gold beads – they looked so nice in their little tube. But when I started sewing them on, I found that they are clear beads with only the lining of the tube the threads goes through was painted gold. So I don’t think they show up very well on the trees.

The small roof for the clock tower was already stitched when I received this piece. I stitched the larger roof before I started on the rest of the station because I knew I wouldn’t want to go back to that after the station was stitched. And I was right.


I’m glad all the pieces are now completed and the challenge now is getting it put together. I probably won’t get to that for a few weeks, but when it’s done I’ll post photos of the finished piece.


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