Pet Shop by Elli Jenks – Progress 8

I haven’t had much time for stitching over the last week. I’m hoping things will be calmer over the next week and I can get more stitching done.

Now that the roof is complete, it’s time to work my way down the back of the Pet Shop. The cat on the edge of the roof now has feet and a tail, so he is complete. I’ve been stitching the windows along with the beige walls so I can move across the whole space rather than just one window at a time. There are no curtains this time. With a little yellow light showing along the edges of the windows, I’m assuming the shades are drawn. The flower boxes below the windows are almost done and there are only 8 more rows of walls below the flower boxes to stitch to reach the end of the second floor on this side.


When I post this project again, I hope to have the entire second floor completed and be working my way down the bricks of the first floor.


3 responses to “Pet Shop by Elli Jenks – Progress 8

  1. Another 3-D building on its way. I love stitching the details, as it’s fun to see them come to life, but sometimes I find large areas such as walls monotonous to stitch.

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