Laura Perin’s Holiday Ornaments 2 – A Start

I want to make some ornaments this year so I ordered this second set of ornaments by Laura Perin. She stitched them using Holiday from Watercolors but suggested you could use Camouflage to make a more muted version. So I ordered both Watercolors so I could decide. Here is the first ornament that I’m stitching, done in Laura’s colors.


I decided to use the Camouflage, along with Dark Burgundy, Dark Juniper, and Very Light Sierra Anchor #5 perle cottons. I tried a dark olive green first and it didn’t look well at all. Then to change things just a little more, I decided to use Copper Snow instead of gold ribbon floss and dark red Sprinkles instead of red ribbon floss. I’m about half done now.

Laura 1-1

The reds aren’t showing up as well as I would like. When I finish this in a couple days, I’ll try for more accuracy in the colors. There are four ornaments in the set and I’ll work on one each month until they are done.


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