Raymond Crawford’s Christmas Train – The Gift Car Start

Now that the train station is completed, I need to get the other two cars stitched to go with the little engine that is also done. I’ve having a hard time getting into the mood for this one, for some reason. I’ve started the Skip Tent stitch for the background, so I’m trying to complete the three gifts on the right side so I can continue working on the background as I stitch the wheels and other parts of the piece.

Gift Car-1

So far I’ve completed the flat bed of the car that the gifts are sitting on. This was stitched in 3 colors of Neon Rays and dark green Kreinik braid. I used the stitches recommended in the stitch guide for this part. Then I wanted to get the large green package done. I tried the stitch and threads from the stitch guide and didn’t like any of it, so I ripped it out. So I chose a light green Splendor and filled in the Framed Mosaic stitches with a dark green Neon Rays+. I like the look of that package now. I’m stitching over the ribbons and bows and will go back to fill them in after the background is in place. I know there is one column of Framed Mosaic that is a stitch wider than the others, but part of that will be covered by the ribbons soon, so that will not be noticeable. The large red package in front of the light green one is started using Neon Rays and Neon Rays+ in the same color – using half Scotch stitch and filling in the spaces with Tent stitches. I’ll finish that one next and then go to the small green package on the right. If I have time before I post again, I’ll start on the wheels.


3 responses to “Raymond Crawford’s Christmas Train – The Gift Car Start

  1. Hi Jan, nice to have the stitch guide for recommendations, but fun to stitch it your way. Your train themed canvases look so fun…many areas to let your creativity come out. You’ll have to take a photo of all of them after you complete the stitching and finishing,

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