Gossamer Fractal – Progress 5

Not much progress on the rug this week. I’ve been on jury duty and that is now done.

But I finally finished the next page in the fractal design. Getting the last of the bottom, right corner took over an hour with me changing thread about every two stitches. No wonder this design is moving at a snail’s pace. But this design will be terrific when it’s done!


I’ll now move on to a new page, again folding the page in half so I feel like I’m making faster progress. 30 stitches will be added to the right of the current stitching, taking me to the exact center of the design along the top!


5 responses to “Gossamer Fractal – Progress 5

  1. Where do you get these beautiful fractal patterns from?

    Thanks, Roberta Douglass in Florida

    Sent from my iPad

  2. LOL, Jan…now you know what I mean when I complain about the thread changes for Audrey, even though my color changes aren’t as intense as yours!

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