Baluchi Rug – Progress 19?

Because of Jury Duty this past week, I didn’t have much morning time for stitching on this rug. This is as far as I got by this morning:


I did a lot of work on the borders and started to outline areas of patches and started outlining the parts of the last medallion. But the rug has come to an abrupt stop today. No more stitching on this for a few days at least. I knew something was off as I finished the middle medallion. So while I was sitting outside the courtroom Tuesday (we had 2 hours for lunch), I pulled out the chart on 3 legal sized sheets of paper and a dark blue Sharpie and went to work. Counting each element and writing the number on the charts. Working across the page over and over again. Found several small errors that could be easily fixed on the chart. I also found where the right side of the chart was one thread off from the left side of the chart – made notes to get that figured out too. And I found where I had gone wrong as I completed the middle medallion.

So I’m taking time off to get everything redone on the chart so I can decide how to proceed. I know the borders are right so that is why I’ve only worked on the borders yesterday and today. I’ll let you know when I have everything figured out and I can start to work on the rug again. I hope I don’t have to rip out the last two inches of work to fix the error, but that is a possibility. I’ve never done a rug this complicated before and I’m finding it challenging to design and to stitch. I’ll get through this – soon.

On to other projects to stitch in the meantime.



2 responses to “Baluchi Rug – Progress 19?

  1. Hi Jan, how frustrating! Bt it’s smart of you to stop and put some distance to the project. Hope you can fix the errors with a minimum of disruption.

  2. It’s easy for complex pieces like this to get slightly “off”. The trick is to put them aside and come back to them clear-eyed, as you’ve done.

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