Laura Perin’s Holiday Ornaments 2 – Second Finish

I love changing colors on a project, but this one is really different. Here is a photo of the ornament as Laura Perin stitched it.


I said in my last post about these ornaments that I was going to switch to Congress Cloth to make them smaller and then stitch each of them in my granddaughters favorite colors. I studied the three that were left to stitch to decide which one to use this time and it will present a challenge. I started by following Laura’s chart except for the colors. This granddaughter like dark pink and zebra stripes!! Since I’m using Congress cloth, I choose #8 perle cotton and #8 Kreinik braid as my threads. Here the center of the ornament. Dark pink taken care of.


Now for zebra stripes. If you look at Laura’s version again, you’ll notice small off-white triangles around the outer edges with a red rectangle in between them. If I stitch those three areas as ONE area and use the Gobelin stitch, I can make the zebra stripes. I finished it this morning and really like how it turned out.


I stitched the green Kreinik in the corners first, then did the stripes with a lighter pink above and below each stripe. I finished the corners using a Gobelin stitch as well. This ornament has really taken on a different personality and I had fun “adapting” it for my granddaughter. Now on to the next one – just changing colors on the next two.



7 responses to “Laura Perin’s Holiday Ornaments 2 – Second Finish

  1. As I’ve said before, I love your design sensibility, Jan. These will be truly special for your granddaughters. I love changing aspects of designs to make them more unique also. When you first write about the marrying of dark pink and zebra stripes, I wondered how you would do that. I have to say the color changes to incorporate dark pink and zebra stripes is a success!

  2. What a delightful adaptation. When you said ‘zebra stripes,’ I thought, ‘Uh oh, she’s in trouble!’ But you solved it, and it works!

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