Baluchi Rug – Progress 20

Little stitching progress but the chart has been studied one motif at a time and I’m very tired of counting stitches on each and every motif. But all mistakes have been corrected and I’m ready to dig in again and get this rug finished.

It dawned on me a few days ago that even though I found a mistake in the center design that needed to be corrected, the borders worked out perfectly at the center of the rug. So I started working on borders only on Wed. and today. I scrolled the canvas and stitched the green zigzag part of the large second border all the way around the rest of the rug. That’s the main thing you see in the photo below. The rug will be 22 inches in length and I now have 8 inches left to stitch. Anyone have some turbo needles I can borrow?


The light brown line through the center of the canvas was how I counted the threads left to stitch between the large + at the top to the top of the zigzag border – 102 threads. And it’s exactly 102 stitches to finish the last burgundy flower center motif and the borders above the zigzag border. A perfect fit! So I started to outline the rectangles for the last center motif this morning but they aren’t in this photo which I took before I started stitching for the day. I’ve decided to stitch as much as I can of the borders and the center motif and show you an update next Friday. The patches can wait for a little while. And I promise that as I stitch this week, I’ll get rid of all the threads hanging all over the place. I was afraid I was going to have to rip out a few sections and just left everything a mess until I made a decision of how to proceed. I’ll tidy up as I go this week.


3 responses to “Baluchi Rug – Progress 20

  1. Hurray that all the errors have been fixed. Glad to see you are progressing with the rug once again. Haven’t stitched in a few days, as shoulder bursitis flared up due to yoga. On a course of Advil and will try stitching again tonight.

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