Laura Perin’s Holiday Ornaments 2 – A Third Finish

Here is Laura’s version of the third ornament.


This ornament is being stitched for my youngest granddaughter and her favorite color is purple. Since I’m stitching these on Congress Cloth for the girls, I pulled #8 perle cottons and Kreinik #8 braid for threads. The overdyed cotton is Weeks Dye Works floss and is a very subtle shading of purple to purple/pink and back. For Kreinik I had a purple/pink braid and then found an overdyed #8 Kreinik from Needle Necessities (ThreadWorx now does this too). It shades from light to dark purple. Look at the center of the design below to see the lightest shade and the small triangle just above and to the left of the center for the darkest shade. I also like how the two Rhodes stitches in this overdye are dark to start the Rhodes and lighter on the top.


And here it is all completed. I used the light perle cotton for the outer border with the darker color for the corner stones. The pattern called for ribbon for the outer corners and perle for the border just below the outer one. I switched them and like that look better.


So only one more to go and I’ve already started it. So you’ll see it next week.


6 responses to “Laura Perin’s Holiday Ornaments 2 – A Third Finish

  1. Very nice! Love the overdyed Kreinik, don’t you? I did a bunch of Laura’s ornaments last year & they are so much fun!

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