Laura Perin’s Holiday Ornaments #2 – Last One Done

I finally get to cross something off my To Do List! This is the last of the four ornaments. Here is Laura’s version:


My oldest granddaughter loves teal – just like me! So I looked for threads to use on Congress Cloth and found #8 perle in two shades of teal, an overdyed #8 perle from Needle Necessities, a dark teal Sprinkles, and #8 silver Kreinik braid. (I forgot to take a photo when the middle section was done so I cropped the finished photo to show you the center. Sorry it’s not super straight!) The center section stitched up very quickly!


On the last ornament I showed you, I used the lighter color around the outer edge. This one definitely needed the darker color around the outside. The Sprinkles was difficult to use on this smaller count canvas, so it was used sparingly. I’m not sure I’d use it on Congress Cloth again. But I think the overall piece is great and I know my granddaughter will love it.


I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this series of ornaments from Laura Perin. And I hope you’ll try changing colors on a project that you are working on (or will be working on soon). I have the threads to do these as Laura shows in her charts, but this was so much fun to play with. They take on different personalities when you change the colors. I even thought about doing the same design in three different colors just to show you how it changes the look of a design. Play a little – I bet you’ll love the results!


3 responses to “Laura Perin’s Holiday Ornaments #2 – Last One Done

  1. Must feel great, Jan, to check off this project….three of them done so quickly, and well before the holiday deadline! Each one is beautiful, but I like the first one the best…love those zebra stripes!

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