Raymond Crawford’s Christmas Train – Gift Car 4

I’m getting close to the finish now. I finished the two packages in the center of the car – one off-white and gold Neon Rays and then the black package. The stitch guide did the black package in dark gold Frye Werks. I decided to do my own thing. I did the Milanese part of the Oriental stitch using the red/green/gold Kreinik #16 braid that I used as ribbon on the large red package on the right. Then I filled in the spaces with the dark gold Fyre Werks. And I’ve filled in the background around all the packages in the middle as well. Now I’ll stitch the ribbons and bows.

Gift Car-4

The Christmas tree was done using an overdyed floss from Needle Necessities and the Leaf Stitch. I know there are little bits of red ornaments showing through in some places, but they’ll be covered with red crystals, large red beads and the large gold beads I used on the engine. I didn’t like the way the stitch guide did the tree and I’m not using Color Infusions (Memory Thread?) from DMC to make a garland either.

Over the next week, I’ll stitch the last two packages, finish the background, and sew on all the ornaments for the tree. I hope to have it completed by this time next week.


6 responses to “Raymond Crawford’s Christmas Train – Gift Car 4

  1. The tree came out great and the little red showing through makes me think of the lights and ornaments you can always see twinkling through the branches. Doesn’t bother me at all.

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