Baluchi Rug – Progress 23

I’ve filled in the two small rectangles and all the patches in the area I was working on. The borders are all more or less even with the stitched sections as well.


Then I scrolled the canvas just a little so  you can see how much I have left to finish the rug. There are only 10 rows of stitching below the zigzag border which is started. This coming week I’ll do the two octagon shapes and then work on all the other areas across of the piece to make them even with the octagons. Just over 7 inches to go! This rug has taken so long to stitch – a smaller size but so complicated.

I will have two finishes to show you next week though – and maybe a new project started.


4 responses to “Baluchi Rug – Progress 23

  1. So c
    One to the finish line, Jan. I got excited when I saw the photo and realized you can see the zigzag on the bottom!

  2. Wow, that autocorrect is awful! I meant to say so close to the finish line, not the gibberish that was posted as the first sentence.

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